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 Hello VBS Friends! With so many uncertainties at this time, it is definitely hard to make CONCRETE plans. Group gatherings may be out of the question for awhile, but that doesn’t mean we should give up on VBS. Below is a link to a statement from LifeWay that I believe will be helpful as you are sharing with churches.

Please encourage your pastors, children’s ministers, and VBS Directors to begin to think not about cancelling VBS, but about alternative ideas for VBS. I’ve been meeting weekly with children’s ministers on a ZOOM call and they are quickly realizing that there are so many things that they are not in control of. They are discovering that they must be flexible and may not be able to plan as far in advance as they would like, especially for VBS. Some of the ideas they are looking at include:

  • Looking at alternate dates for VBS
    • Later in the summer
    • Saturday or Weekend VBS
    • Fall Break VBS
    • Christmas Break VBS
  • Looking at low cost options
    • Looking at no frills decorations/crafts using items that can be collected from church members or purchased at a discount store.
    • Backyard KIDS Club (Kits are $49.99)
  • What to do if it’s still too soon for large group events
    • One large church has decided against their traditional large VBS out of concern of having too many people in one place too soon after things have settled down. They instead are investing their budget in 20-30 Backyard KIDS Club Kits and are making plans to have small Backyard Kids Club groups throughout their community.
    • Others are exploring “virtual VBS”.
      • Sharing the Bible Story on Facebook Live or YouTube Kids.
      • “Crafts to Go” – Individual boxes or bags of crafts w/instructions…made available for parents to pick up at the church building or in some cases, churches are planning to put those on door steps.

These ideas are just the beginning! Technology may have to play a big part in VBS for 2020. One of the first places that can start is with training. LifeWay has already posted some basic VBS training videos. I will let you know of others as they come available. I expect BKC will definitely be one of the online training options made available in the weeks to come. Below are the links to the basic training videos that you can began pushing out to your churches:

I know this is not the way that we envisioned training or VBS for 2020, but I believe God can use these times to stretch us to get out of our comfort zones…helping us to reach more people than we ever thought imaginable.

Praying for you, your families, your churches, and your associations! 

Love you all!


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