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Check out the below link to an article with Scott Shepherd, TBMB, that was in the Baptist and Reflector concerning copyright licensing and online streaming of music used in worship services. This will become a bigger issue as the days go by.

This includes:

1. Any music used on FaceBook online streaming live or not with words printed or not.

2. Same is true for YouTube.

3. Any music published 1925 or later applies.

4. Any music utilized which is published 1924 or earlier does not apply.

5. Same rules apply to any music projected onto a screen or wall or over the internet etc.

6. A copyright license is required for the use of the words and music being projected.

7. And another "streaming license" is required to use 1925 or later music in streaming or YouTube regardless of being live or prerecorded.

8. Also check out for much more info and pricing.

Just want you informed because this can only get bigger and bigger. "To know to do good and not do it...." know....Robert

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